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Ramble On.....
15th-Feb-2013 12:22 am - Life Lesson
Jensen A.
Ok so my life lesson I learned tonight was DON'T BUY strange looking boxes at yard sales.
What? You say well... we just got through watching The Possession.

My daughter bought it with her birthday money on the 2nd of this month and we just got around to watching it tonight. It was a pretty freaky movie.JDM was looking mighty fine in it lol. All in all we had a good movie night. I was sitting there going ok people never go in a dark room. Hello they're called on switches for a reason.My daughter kept saying salt n burn that ugly box dude. Which was totally funny coming from a 12 year old. She kept shaking her head going see this is what happens when you die you forget all your hunting ablities. lol I was like honey different person his name is Clyde not John Winchester lol.

So now the movie has gone on the JDM movie shelf on the wall. Yep he has his on shelf and so does Jensen Ackles. LOL
4th-Oct-2012 01:45 am(no subject)
Hi everyone! Just wanted to show off my awsome new icon.By the awsome deans_fetish. You deans_fetish) totally rule, not just speaking from a lacky point of view either.;/
13th-Sep-2012 03:37 pm - Chapter 5 Blood of the Innocence
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I am not making any money writing this. It is only for my fun and entertainment.

I hope everyone enjoys this.I do have a few more chapters that I will post one a week. This story is unfinished, hopefully will be finish sometime soon. Until then I hope you enjoy the posted chapters. Comments are loved and welcomed.

Chapter 5

The opening of the car door is what first alerts the X5 that they have stop moving; guessing they have reach their destination he opens his eyes. What he finds when he opens them is surprising; there are what looks like damaged vehicles piled some on top of the others, others spread all over the place. When he looks to his left he is surprised to find what looks to be a house. It seems to be two levels, in dire need of painting, but there seems to be some strange human standing on some kind of landing with an overhang. He looks to be a very unkempt human; grizzly beard, with a hat and clothes that maybe need to be replace. There is no way he would make it at Manticore. The stranger doesn’t look at all pleased to see them either.

Looking over to Joshua he finds him looking around this bizarre place also. Hoping maybe he has some idea where they are, “Joshua, do you know are destination?” Seeing the confusion across the dog boys’ face would normally be amusing thing to witness but being they are with these humans in a place neither of them know is not very amusing at all.
“Joshua remembers them saying we were going to somewhere called Bobby’s,” a smile lighting his features at having remember what the other fellows said. Always happy to be able to help the lil’ fellow he looks over to him see he doesn’t look at all happy, “What’s a matter lil’ fellow? Are you alright? There is no need to be scared lil’ fellow, they seem to be nice. I want let anyone harm you, Joshua will protect you.”

Watching the others as they seem to be nervously fidgeting at the bottom of the steps, seems talking to this grizzly stranger is causing them some discomfort which can’t be good at all. He snaps his head around after hearing Joshua, “What, I’m always alright and if anyone needs protecting it will be you that will need it. I want let that strange human hurt you; you know. I’m training to be a solider; I know how to protect you.” Turning around to see what is going on with the humans, he notices the short one and tall one making their way back to the car. The grizzly one seems to be stuck in place in front of the door of his house; looking towards them with a face that screams unhappiness.

“If that don’t beat all,” the grizzly hunter mutter under his breath. Now Bobby has seen a lot in his day, he is a hunter after all; but the thing climbing outta the Winchesters’ monster of a car beat all he has seen in his life as a hunter. Not sure what to make of it, it was hell of a tall creature. Look like it was all bent in half in that back seat; that was of course until it unfolded itself out of it. The thing...um... creatures’ long hair was all over the place making it hard to get a good look of his face that was until he was standing tall and making its move towards his house. Blinking his eyes; rubbing them just a bit to make sure his eyes wasn’t playing tricks on him. But oh no of course not, no such look for im’ on that front. Damn thing really did look like a dog in the face; how is that even possible, ok so anything is possible but….taking in some deep deep breaths to get his self-sorted. Now the boys did say he was harmless and wasn’t evil, now to get that itchy urge to get a gun and his trigger finger to believin’ that all would be grand.

Trying to get himself under control, Bobby looks to the left of the creature to notice a slip of a boy. No bigger than 5 or so, Sam said he thought he might be around 6 or so but he was a tiny thing. By god he does look like a miniature Dean, remembering when Dean was just a little tike, he is like a photo copy. Except for the get up and the short military hair cut…looks like someone got a little clipper happy with the chap. The clothes, where to get started on that one, he didn’t realize they made little army boots that small, the camouflage pants, the gray t-shirt…we’ll he looks like a miniature solider. The way the kid holds himself, the way he is looking around; seems the little squirt maybe looking for an escape route.

Seeing how unsure the two new comers look, Bobby schools his face to one that is neutral non- threating, clears his throat, “Well who do we have here?” Looking to Dean to start the introductions, when it seems he’s not going to, “Why don’t we just step inside get to know one another see if we can’t figure this thing out?” Stepping inside not even looking back to see if the others are following, just trusting Sam and Dean to get the other two to follow in.

Turning when he hears the door shut, he eyes Dean, waiting on him to say something. Usually can’t get the boy to shut up but now of all times it seems as the boys mouth is shut tighter than a steel trap. Well that just ain’t gonna fair, clearing his throat looking pointly at him, giving him a ‘go on get with it’ look.

Seeing as how Bobby is giving him that look, leaves Dean with no choice than to get the balls rolling on this little venture. Looking over at his brother hoping he would step up and give him a little hand, but noticing the Sasquatch has no plans on doing such a thing. ‘Well guess I better get this over with, since nobody else is gonna.’  “Bobby this is Joshua,” tilting his head towards the tall creature…guy…or whatever it or he is. “Joshua this is Bobby,” tilting his head back towards Bobby. Now someone else can just take over this merry little convo.

Nodding his head in a form of hello, “Joshua”, he says as way of greeting. Looking towards the kid, that is stiffly standing next to the dog…um Joshua; then back at Dean, Bobby waits on the introduction to the kid. When nothing happens, he decides to take matters in his own hands, “What’s your name kid?” The kid looks startled, and if he hadn’t been paying attention he would have missed the soft spoken, “X5-494 sir”, when the kid spoke. “I’m sorry did ya say X5-494?” thinking he must have misheard the kid. Watching the kid give a short nod with a ‘yes sir’ tacked on, Bobby shakes his head in disbelief. What kind of name is X-5 494, and where in the hell did this kid and his whatever this Joshua is come from?
ATTention to all Supernautral Fans: I have some news for you. All you fanfic writers now have a story to write. Hey it could happen...right? I mean just take a look.


No offence intended to any goats or goat lovers...sorry I had to post this I heard about it on the radio and had to look up the story online and sure enough.
19th-May-2012 02:52 pm - Chapter 4 The Blood of the Innocence
Ok here is chapter 4 ....I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS I just like to play with them. I AM NOT making any profit from this. Reviews are welcome.


Silly humans, Alec thinks to himself, they think he is sleeping. However, he is listening trying to gauge this situation. The more information he has the more he can protect himself and Joshua maybe plans a little escape. He just has to keep his breathing even, eyes closed and allow them to believe his sound asleep.

“Dean, are sure you have never heard of this Mana…mata whatever that place is called…I mean have you looked at that kid, Dean?” Sam looks back to make sure Joshua and the kid are still sleeping.

Glancing away from the road to stare at Sam like he had two heads, Dean, snaps his fingers,” OH of course how could I have forgotten?

Sam looks over at Dean hopeful he has remember something, says, “So you have heard of them?”

Giving Sam a ‘did ya bang your head recently’ look, “No, Sam I have never heard of them. I had no idea there was even anything like that around? Maybe Bobby will know something. You did get a hold of him to let him know we are coming right and you explain the dog...um...Joshua to Bobby?”

Glaring over, huffing out, “Yeah I called Bobby, explain the best I could. I don’t think he will shoot us but ya know we are talkin’ bout Bobby.”

Eavesdropping on the humans, he is not so sure he likes this plan of theirs. Especially if it will put Joshua in danger, X-5 494 is training as a solider so he can handle this Bobby, but Joshua is not. Worried about his new friend or whatever he is...he has never had a friend so he is not sure if that is what you would call him. However, he feels a need to protect him, keep him safe. Feeling the rumble of the car vibrating through him while pretending to be sleeping turns out to be problematic because the last he hears is, “So I take it Bobby didn’t take it so well?” before he isn’t pretending to be sleeping any longer.


Turning into the familiar driveway, relief flows through Dean, this being the only home besides the Impala he’s ever known. To say he isn’t nervous about what they are bringing to Bobby’s doorsteps would be an understatement. Although he is pretty sure that Bobby can handle anything thrown his way, he still hates to have to put the extra weight of their troubles on his shoulders once again. Looking into the mirror at the mini me in the back, he wonders if Bobby is really ready for this. Of course not to mention the other thing... person... whatever Joshua is, in the back too. Man Bobby gonna rip them a new one for this, whatever this is. Hopefully Bobby will be able to shed a little light on this situation.

Slowing down to a stop, Dean looks over to his sleeping brother, “ Hey” .Not getting a reaction, he decides the only way to wake up his sleeping  brother is to slap him upside his head. It is the job of the big brother to bestow this torment otherwise; he goes against all big brother code.

Jerking up for where he was slumping against the window sleeping somewhat peacefully, Sam looks over to his jerk of a big brother. Glaring nastily over to Dean, “Dude what the hell?” Seeing the smirk coming across his brother’s face, wishing he could beat it off of him, Sam takes in where they are now sitting parked.

Smirking at his little brother girly squawk, “Afternoon princess, have a nice nap?”

“Yeah, so you ready for this?” Thinking and hoping that one of them needs to be prepared for what’s coming when the step out of the car, Sam can’t quiet forget the phone call to Bobby. To say the man wasn’t happy about what they were bringing to his doorsteps would be the understatement of the year.

Listening to the ring, waiting for the man they both consider a father figure to pick-up. Sam is worried about how to explain all this. Hearing the gruff answer of “Singer Salvage”, he clears his throat. “Hey Bobby it’s a... It’s Sam.” Hearing the breath that Bobby let’s out at his stammering he knows Bobby is just waiting for the shoe to drop. Not wanting to disappoint the man,” Um…Bobby me and Dean have this situation we kinda of need your help on.”

“What have ya two idjits gotten’ yer self’s into this time?”

“Well that’s the thing not really sure, not sure how to explain this…um ok I guess we can start with Cas popping in with two new visitors to the Impala.”

“What in Hells Bells are you yammering on about boy? Why don’tcha just spit it out will ya?”

Well we need a place to lay low for a while, and we are bringing some extras with us. A kid maybe 6 or 7 years old and his um… well… his …um Joshua.”

“Ok is that all or is there somethin’ else going on?”

“Well the kid looks like Dean and I don’t mean he just favors him. He looks exactly like Dean did at that age. Like a photocopy actually. And Joshua, his friend or protector I guess you could call him… he…well… he looks sort of doggish.”

“Just what in blue blazes do ya mean sort of doggish? How the hell does someone look sort of doggish?”

“He hard to explain over the phone Bobby, but they came from some place called Manticore or Montocore… not really sure on the name. But Cas said it was some sort of military. Once we get there maybe, we can get more information out of Joshua or the kid. Cas is supposed to meet up with us there hopefully when he gathers some more info.”

“Sure come on head, I’ll be waiting. And Sam…you tell that brother of yours I look forward to our chat.”

Listening to the disconnect, Sam hangs the phone and prays Bobby will not meet them with the shotgun.

Shaking his self out of the memory, Sam looks out to see Bobby coming out onto the porch. Muttering under his breath, “Well it’s now or never I guess.”

12th-May-2012 04:55 pm - Chapter 3 The Blood of the Innocence
The third chapter of Blood of the Innocence. I DO NOT OWN any of these characters I just like to play with them. I hope if anyone is reading this they are enjoying it. Comments are welcome.

Chapter 3

Once the others come outside, Dean is pacing back and forth trying to calm his self-down. When the door shuts and Sam appears, Dean somewhat loses it on Castile. Getting nose to nose to Castile he glares at the angel, in a low tone, "Okay, I think you need to explain just what in the hell is going on and where did this kid come from. And how do you plan on us taking care of him and his …his dog?"

Looking at the stormy expression and the anger in Deans eyes, very calmly, keeping his tone low, "Dean you need to remain calm and I will explain what I know. Then we will figure out what is the best course of action to take with the child." Stepping back and looking between the brothers to make sure he has their attention, "The boy was at some sort of military compound when I arrived to retrieve him. I am not sure why or how it came about for him to be there. As of what you shall do with him, I suggest taking him to Bobby's until we can figure out where and how he became the Winchester child that is now hunted by Raphael and now the military."

Swiping a hand down his face and blowing out a frustrated breath, "okay, and what do you suggest we tell Bobby about dog boy in there?" growling out in irritation. Dean then looks to Sam, "Sammy you have been awful quiet about this whole thing since we got here. You got nothing to say or any ideas on how to handle the pet?"

"Well first off Dean don't cha think it's a little rude to keep referring to Joshua as a pet or dogface? I'm not sure what I think just yet, but I do know that we have a scared little boy in there, which has no idea what's going on. And as for Bobby well I'll think of something." Sam turns to Cas to seek some sort of affirmation or something he's not sure what he is looking for Cas to do or say to all this crazy.


Inside the room, Joshua stands to carry lil fellow to the bathroom to get him somewhat cleaned up and hopefully talking a little. " You know lil fellow, I think they will take care of you and protect you from all the bad things. ," glancing down at the small child in his arms he sets him down on the toilet lid and runs warm water in the sink. Searching the room for something to clean his face, not finding it he steps out of the room to see if he can find something.

When Joshua leaves the room X5-494 looks around the room, sees the window above the tub and calculates his chance of escaping through it. Figures he has a 99.6% chance of making it before Joshua comes back, but is uncertain about leaving Joshua behind. Moreover, he is not sure where he is or how to get back to Manticore, he knows the trouble he will be in if they ever find him and he is not looking forward to that at all. Releasing a nervous breath, he makes a decision to stay put at least until he can get him and Joshua away from these strange men. Hearing that Joshua is on his way back into the room he sits back and tries to relax.

"Okay lil fellow, I found this so let's get you cleaned up before the big fellows and medium fellow comes back." smiling to show the lil guy he has no worries. Hoping that he is truly safe with these strange humans, the medium fellow is not a human he knows this and he does not seem to be a creation of father's. He told Joshua he was an 'Angel of the Lord' so maybe that is what he is.

X5-494 is not looking forward to this at all, and he doesn't really like being treated like a baby, but he knows talking back will get him in a lot of trouble so maybe he should just keep quiet. Well at least for a little while, until he has figured things out. Raising his head as Joshua brings the warm cloth to his face he scrunches up his nose at the smell. Joshua must have found the thing in a sewer, it smells awful. Backing up as far as possible, "Hey where did you get that? There's no way you are touching my face with that stinky thing, find something else or just step out of my way. You know I'm not a baby I can wash my own face."

Joshua is taken aback by the lil fellow protest, it's the most he has said since he found him, gives him hope that he is beginning to trust him to talk so much. Smiling and stepping back to let him get to the sink, he watches him stand on his toes to reach the faucets. Joshua feeling amused watching 494 while trying to hold back a laugh at such silliness of the lil transgenic, "does lil fellow need a lift?" smiling down at the small child, stepping closer so he can help if needed.

"NO! I'm not a baby, I can do it myself, why don't you go away!," huffing out an annoyed breath, still trying to find leverage on the sink. Finally able to reach the water he splashes some water on his face and washes his hands.X5- 494 then turns to Joshua with a triumph look on his face, " See not a baby, I can take care of myself just fine."

" I see here you go lil fellow," handing a towel he found in the cabinet in the room.

Not really sure he wants to wipe his face down with the cloth, taking a sniff finding it adequate enough to dry off on, " Thank you". Now that he is clean, he finds that he is tired, gazing up at Joshua not sure how to ask especially with the way he acted about the washing thing. He really wants Joshua to pick him up and hold him, he is feeling a little scared and tired, just does not know what is going to happen when the humans come back. He wanders if they will experiment on them or sell them to the highest bidder. He heard some of the guards talking in the hallway, they said that his kind 'could fetch a pretty penny', which he is not sure what they meant only that he knows a penny is money.

Watching the display of emotions flit across the lil, transgenic face Joshua bends to his level, "Are you tired lil fellow? Would you mind me picking you up and holding? I'm a little scared so would you let me hold on to you for just a little bit til the humans come back?" Joshua knows that if he lets the lil one think he is afraid maybe he will give in and rest. He does not seem okay, he looks a little pale and tired.

"That would be okay, but just until they come back. I wouldn't want you to be afraid," X-5 494 is not stupid he knows what Joshua is doing and he is only letting him get away with because he does not want to ask. Lifting up his arms so that Joshua can pick him up, he looks at Joshua, he looks like a dog in the face but he has kind eyes. He thinks that maybe he was right to trust him; it is the humans he is not sure about. Laying his head down on Joshua shoulder, his eyes become heavy leaded and the last thoughts are that he hopes Joshua can keep them safe until he can come up with a plan.


Coming back into the room Dean and Sam look towards the bed and find Joshua sprawled out with the little boy laying on top of him sound asleep. Leaning down Dean takes a closer look at the kid, hearing a growl he jumps back to find Joshua half-dozing and half a wake holding on to the kid, full on protection mode. "Hey, Hey calm down I'm not going to hurt him, I was just looking at him," he says in his most smoothing voice. Standing up he looks down on the two on the bed, placing his hands in a non-threating way.

Joshua comes fully awake with Dean's voice and realizes that maybe he should calm down, "sorry, sorry you just surprised Joshua."

"It's okay big guy. Didn't mean to startle you, So Joshua how did you end up with the kid?" Dean asks in a soothing tone, not really wanting to upset the thing and have his face eaten off. He thinks you know we really don't know what he is capable of so better safe than sorry.

"I'm not sure; I woke and had a feeling, a need to help. Then lil fellow ran into me and I knew I needed to take him with me.", looks to Dean and Sam. "He was frightened and thought I was going to harm him. Will you protect him, I think something or someone is after him, it is not safe for such a small fellow."

Clearing his throat, Sam, brings a chair next to the bed, "Well we will do everything to protect him and you also. Can you tell us a little bit about where you came from?" giving Joshua a reassuring smile.

"Manticore, it is not a very nice place. If they find us…it …it will not be a very good thing. I think lil fellow may have been in trouble, not sure, how he got out of there. Think that maybe he was in solitaire. Poor lil fellow he looked so confused and scared when I found him." Hoping these humans could understand just how bad that place really is. Joshua wishes he had the words to explain but he is unsure of how to explain. Maybe when the lil fellow wakes he can explain better.

Sam and Dean exchange looks, having a conversation with their eyes, Dean makes a decision, "Okay Joshua me and Sam have a good friend. We were thinking of taking you two there. You will be safe there I promise and it will give us some time to think of what to do next."

They all jump when Castile appears from nowhere. Looking grim, he turns to the sleeping child, "I must place the sigils on his ribs to keep Raphael from finding him and Joshua also." Giving Joshua a thoughtful look, "this will not be pleasant but it will only last for a moment." Touching Joshua's ribs, he brands him with the protection sigil. "I will need you to turn the child over so I can place the protection on him."

Whimpering from the sudden pain, Joshua growls at the medium fellow, "No, you said you would not hurt him," placing his arms tighter around the small child, he gives the angel a defiant look.

"It will only be painful for a moment, if I don't put this protection into place he could be in grave danger. Are you willing to place him in such grave danger?"

Looking to the humans for some kind of understanding or help, "He is only a small one, why do you wish to hurt him to protect him?"

Sam feeling like a horrible human being, "Joshua it will only hurt for a few minutes, are you hurting still?" Watching him shake his head, "okay then, please this is for his protection, You want to help don't you?"

"Yes Joshua wants to help him," slowly turning the child over, still unsure but doing as he is told.

Castile bends down, places his hands on the tiny rib cage, and puts the sigil in place. The child lets out a horrible sound and comes too kicking the angel, knocking him off his feet. Dean and Sam stand, not knowing how to handle the situation and not really believing what they have just witness. X-5 494 is standing on his feet in fight mode, looking at the humans and angel with a look that could kill. Breathing hard and not really knowing what is going on he turns to Joshua and grabs his hand attempting to run but Joshua stops him, " No lil fellow, stop, he is trying to protect you. He done it to Joshua too, see I'm ok now too," patting himself on the chest to show that he was not hurt.

Not believing that they were safe he looks around the room for a way out. Dean comes a little closer not sure what he is thinking but hopeful want get his face kicked in. He bends so he is eye level with the kid. Holding his hand up in a placating manner, "its ok kid, I'm not going to hurt you and I promise nobody else will touch without your permission." Looking over to Castile, "Cas you ok?" Seeing Cas getting up and shaking his head to let him know he was fine. "That was quite a kick you have on you. Cas is strong, hard to knock down. You must be strong yourself?" he asks still at eye level. Dean notices the kid is still breathing heavy. Hoping to calm him down he gives him a reassuring smile, "its ok I promise nobody is going to touch you again unless you say it's ok. Calm down, are you hurt still"? Seeing the kid shake his head no, "OK, see Cas wasn't trying to hurt you. We should have waited until you were awake before doing that. So that's are bad, it want happen again ok"?

Not sure if he believes this human but seeing that Joshua is ok and he really isn't all that hurt he begins to calm down. Holding his arms up to Joshua to take him he hides his face in Joshua's shoulder. He feels safe in Joshua's arms and he doesn't want the others to see how scared he still is.

Taking the lil fellow in his arms, he leans down to whisper in his ear, "its ok lil fellow, Joshua want let them do that again; they said it will protect us from bad people. Are you ok now?" Feeling the lil one nod against his shoulder, he turns toward the taller human, "Are we going now or will we stay here"?

Surprised to have the question directed at himself and not Dean, Sam, stammers out, "Well…I …yeah we um…we will be leaving. Dean what do ya think? May be a good time to head out now, should be at Bobby's by sunset."

Shaking his head, "Yeah sounds like a plan. I'll go get the car warmed up maybe grab some blankets, get the kid comfortable, maybe he can rest til we get there he looks a little pale."

Castile looks to Dean and Sam, "I will go and see what I can find out; I'll come to Bobby's as soon as I have something."


Running, he is use to this, always running; Dodging behind some trees to catch his breath. He can't believe he has failed his mission. He has to find the boy and get back on target, he wasn't expecting some anomaly to snatch the kid and run. He thought he had them but the other person came from nowhere and in a blink, they were gone. He wonders if maybe the Blue Lady has others helping on this mission but that can't be right cause she said it was just for him and he will be rewarded. He can sense her before he sees her, kneeling down. "How did you let this happen?" she looks down on him with anger in her eyes. He realizes that she may find him unworthy so he does his best to plea to her, "Please I can do this just…just please give me another chance. There was a man he came from nowhere and took the child as I approached. But I will find him and I will complete the task."

Putting her hand on his shoulder, "Rise, I will give you a clue to help you with your task, but this is your last chance to complete it. If you fail this time there will be no reward but I assure you there will be punishment." Speaking in a whisper, she tells him where he can locate the target and disappears.

"I want fail you this time," he vows and takes off in the direction she gave him.
Ok here is my next chapter of The Blood of the Innocence.
First of all let me say this...I DO NOT OWN the characters of this fic. I am not making money off of this. It is just something to pass the time and entertain myself with.Also this is a AU of course...and...I have played with the time frame for DA and also Alec is young in this fic. I will explain later on in the chapters as to why and how. Thanks to anyone who takes a chance to read this and comments are welcome..all I ask is be kind..if you don't like it that's ok just don't be ugly about ..thanks :)

Chapter 2

He lies there listening to all the sounds, it sounds like alarms but he’s not sure. He’s been in this box for 6 days, 10 hrs. 24 mins., and 43 seconds. So he is not sure that what he is hearing is real or illusion, listening as hard as he can he can make out feet running. Then the door swings open, he is pulled up and told to stay close but he is not sure who this is he doesn’t look like the regular guards, he’s too young. However, he knows his designation number, the person is pulling him into the hallway they are a lot of others running around. He doesn’t like where this person is taking him, he doesn’t want to go down to the basement, which is where the anomalies are. He snatches his arm away from this scary looking man, or is he just a boy, he’s not sure, but he knows he is scared. He is not sure what’s going on but something tells him he needs to be away from this person, he gets a feeling of wrongness from him. He runs as fast as he can, he is outside now, running with all the others, but he runs into something big and hard. Oh no, he thinks when he speaks his voice is raspy and wobbly, “ pleasepleaseplease don’t hurt me, I’ll be a g-goo- good solider I ppromise.” The thing speaks, “it’s ok lil fellow I’m here to help you, I want hurt you.” Not sure what to do he decides that he can maybe trust this dogface boy besides he may just be dreaming anyways, right? The thing talks again, “I’m Joshua, we need to go now ok lil fellow”, this thing, Joshua, bends down and picks him up and starts to run. He really hopes it’s not hungry for little boys.

When dogface boy, well Joshua, stops running, they are no longer on base. He looks around all he sees is forest. Joshua puts him down and kneels down so he can speak to him, “What’s your name lil fellow?” he asks. He is not sure what he means by name, with confusion all over his small face, “I do not know what you mean by name?” Joshua looks sad when he says this and he tries to explain, that a name is something you are called, with understanding dawns on him he speaks carefully, “ I am called 494,” but this Joshua boy does not seem to like that very much. Therefore, he says he will just call him lil fellow for now but he promises to find him a name. He really likes that idea, 494 puts his arms around Joshua when he hears a flutter, he can sense something coming and he is scared.
Joshua stands and grabs lil fellow close to him he senses something in the air and hears something fluttering like birds wings. He’s not sure if he trusts this thing yet and someone has to take care of lil fellow, he is too small to do it himself. When Joshua gets ready to run again he is stopped by this medium size fellow, but Joshua doesn’t think he really is a fellow he smells different. Growling at this, whatever it is, he prepares to fight this thing. Joshua will not let it hurt lil fellow, the thing speaks, “I’m Castile, I am an Angel of the Lord, and I will not harm you.” They are in the forest one minute and in some kind of box with seats the next. There are too humans up front and one of them is screaming. Joshua holds on to lil fellow tightly, tries to hide him from the screaming humans. The Angel of the Lord is on the outside of the box looking in. The screaming human jumps when the Angel of the Lord taps on the outside of the clear thing of the box. Joshua is glad that the screaming human and the other human are getting out the box he doesn’t want them to frighten the lil fellow anymore.

He surges out of the Impala almost knocking Cas down, if it was possible to move the angel that is, “What the hell Cas? What is that thing? Did you just poof that thing into my car?” Dean nearly screams. Sam is around the car and on his side looking to Cas for answers, but Cas just puts his hands up,” I have found the child Winchester”. The brothers look at each other, then to the inside of the car, and then at each other. Sam cannot believe what he is seeing and surely he has misheard what Cas has said,” Dean is there something you need to tell me?” He looks to his brother for answers, and Dean is looking none too happy about this whole situation. “Hell no, Cas there has to be a mistake that thing, that thing cannot be my child, no way, there just no way,” shaking his head so hard Sam wonders if it will come off his shoulders.
“If you will calm yourself I will explain, that is Joshua, he is protecting the Winchester child. You must remain calm and we need to go somewhere private so I can clear this up and provide the child with protection from the other angels.” Cas has opens the back door and slides in next to Joshua whispering assurances to him. The brothers look at one another again and shake their heads and the unbelievable turn of events. Dean opens the door and gets in and starts the car heading, he really is not sure where yet but somewhere no one will see what that thing is in the back of his precious baby.

They find safety in an old abandon motel; luckily, it still has power, when the get inside one of the rooms he gets a better look at the thing from the back seat. He rubs his eyes to make sure he is seeing correctly. He just can believe what he is seeing, his eyes are telling him it is a dogface boy but his brain seems to be of a different opinion right now. Rubbing his eyes one more time he looks this thing, Joshua, over again. He seems to be wrapped around a small figure. He can see little blonde hair that seems to be shaved down, and that is about it. He clears his throat and looks to Cas with questioning in his eyes, “OK Cas I think you have some explaining to do.”

“This is Joshua,” he says looking from Dean to the dogface boy, “Joshua this is Dean and Sam Winchester, they are friends, they will not harm you or lil fellow.” He looks to Joshua with a reassuring smile. “Please sit, do you think we could have a look at the child now Joshua,” He goes over to the bed Joshua has now sat down at looking to him to trust him.
Joshua does not know what he should do; lil fellow is whimpering and shaking. However, the humans and the Angel of the Lord do not seem to be harmful. Leaning down to whisper to lil fellow, “It’s ok lil fellow they are not bad men, I’m going to sit you down now. Don’t be afraid lil fellow I want leave you ever.”

Dean and Sam watch as Joshua unwraps his arms from the small boy in his arms. Nevertheless, the kid seems to be clinging to him and he sounds like a hurt animal. Dean decides to edge closer to them, leaning down he looks to Joshua for the ok. He leans down and touches the small head buried in Joshua’s shoulder. The child tightens his hold on Joshua and it seems like his trying to burrow his way further into Joshua.
With soft-spoken words not to startle the kid, “Hey now, it’s alright nobody here is gonna hurt ya.” Dean sits down slowly on the bed beside Joshua and begins to rub small circle motions on the little kids back just like he use to do to calm Sam. “Shhh, its ok I promise we’re not gonna hurt you or let anyone else hurt you either.” When the little head peeks out from underneath the big guys shoulder, he gives Dean a tiny wiry smile.
Dean set back a little, looking into a very familiar pair of green eyes. Clearing his throat he asks, “So what’s your name kid?” When the kid raises his head from Joshua’s shoulder Dean takes in the site he has only seen in a few pictures of himself. It’s a shock and it takes all he can to keep sitting there. Looking to Sam, he sees he is not the only shocked one here.
“My…I’m call X5-494. I don’t have a n...name as you call it.” He stammers out not sure, if, this is all real or if he should be fighting to get away. He trusts Joshua and the one called Castile so maybe he should stay put. He’s head is a little fuzzy right now so he looks to Joshua in confusion maybe he will know what to do. Tilting his head up to whisper in Joshua’s ear, “I don’t know if this is real.”

Joshua looks up to Castile then back down to the lil fellow, “Yes lil fellow this is real.” Rubbing the small ones back as he saw the big fellow do, not sure what to make of the confusion of the lil person.
With a slight nod to his small head, speaking softly, “ okay”, Regarding Dean with apprehension shinning in his green eyes, “ What will you do with me?”
Taken aback Dean looks to Sam and Castile for some help with that, not sure how to answer the question. Seeing they will be no help, being as they have not discussed what was to happen next. “Okay, Cas we need to have a talk and figure some things out,” getting up and going to the door, “I’ll be waiting out here,” closing the door, glad that nobody followed immediately, needing a few minutes to get his thoughts together.
“Joshua, why don’t you go get him cleaned up and we will be back in a few moments,” taken leave of the dogface boy named Joshua Castile gazes to Sam.
Shaking his self out of his stupor Sam looks at the tiny figure and gives him a reassuring smile, “hey everything’s going to be okay.”
Not really believing the tall man but not wanting to get into trouble, X5-494 just nods his head, while still clinging to Joshua shirt.
“Okay then we will just be outside if you two need anything just …you know let us know,” glancing at the two on the bed he walks to the door to leave.
26th-Apr-2012 08:44 pm - The Blood of the Innocence
Title: The Blood of the Innocence
Pairing: none
 Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. Just something to entertain myself.

This is a crossover fic, I hope who ever should read it will enjoy. I love comments, just don't be to harsh on me it is only my second fic . I have three chapters for this fic so far and will post a chapter a week as I go. This first chapter is a short one they will more than likely get longer as we go. So enjoy and please tell me what ya think.

                                      The Blood of the Innocence

Chapter 1

Listening in to his fellow brethren he hears the angles speak of a, no that cannot be right, child Winchester? With his head tilted to the right as if it will help receive the information more clearly, they speak of finding this child and using him for…no, no he will not allow this to happen. Looking to his charge, he asks in his most stern voice, “Dean what of this child Winchester? I do not understand do you have a child?”

 “CAS, what the hell are you talking about,” Dean shrieks out unable to believe he heard the question right. Looking at Dean with the utmost concern, “Perhaps you were not aware of such a child?” There is not much Dean can say to this his brain is still on the fact that an angel of the Lord has accused him of having a child. It’s, well it’s unbelievable is what it is. He looks over to his brother for a little back up in his freak out, but his dear sweet brother is now giving him a bitch face to rival all bitch faces, as if he has been secretly stashing some kid somewhere. Releasing a deep breath his says,” I have no idea what you’re talking about, Cas. Seriously I don’t have a child that I am aware of.”

Breaking out of his stupor Sam decides to weigh in on this, “Ok, Cas, why don’t you explain why you all of a sudden think Dean has a child.”  Looking over at the brothers he decides that now may be the time to tell them of the information he has gleamed from his brethren, “They are looking for the child Winchester, Raphael wants to use this child to reclaim Michael from the pit and use him as a vessel.” With pleading eyes he looks to Dean,” Please Dean there is not much time, as of now they do not know of his where about but it will not take them long to figure out where he is.”

Pacing the ugly stained carpet of the run down motel they are in, Dean looks to his angel and brother with his own pleading eyes, “I don’t know, I mean it’s possible but I mean I have no idea where to start to even look for this child that’s supposed to be mine.” Dean paces some more but when he turns around the angel is gone again,” I really hate when he does that”.

“Well Dean there is at least one child I can think of, hear me out first though ok,” looking to his brother with concern in his eyes. “Ok, I know she said that he wasn’t but what if she wasn’t tellin’ the truth. I mean she could have been lying, you know to protect him.” Stopping his pacing he turns to look at Sam with rage in his hazel eyes, “NO Sam, she wouldn’t lie, not to me, not about that.” Dean can’t believe what he’s hearing but a small part is wondering if there might be some fact to that. There is only one thing to do and that is to go and stake out their place. Looking to his brother before he turns to start packing up, “Get your stuff pack, now Sammy, we gotta go.” Turning his head to see if Sam is packing up, he clears his throat, “I mean you know it is better safe than sorry, right,” he says with a tight smile on his face.


 The forest is thick but that does not stop him from his mission, he stops to listen, he can hear a heart beating. He knows his prey is near, but when he turns towards his prey, he comes to a halt by image that is so beautiful he doesn’t trust his eyes at first. He thinks to himself that it cannot be so, but it is. Kneeling down to pay respect and gain her approval, he looks up. There she is standing there and she has a light that radiates off her, he thinks she is the perfect, red flowing hair, blue gown that is flowing in the breeze. She moves closer and places her hand on his chin, raises his face to meet hers and begins to speak, “I have a mission for you my child, the reward will be great all you have to do is complete this mission and you will be granted the peace you seek.” He is awe struck; he looks to her with shiny hazel eyes,” Whatever you want I will do.” She leans down kisses his forehead and then whispers to him, he nods his understanding and then she is gone. Not caring of his pervious mission, he goes to complete his new task for the Blue Lady. He smiles, she will grant him peace, and he will not fail his mission.


A flutter of wings is all the warning he gets, Chuck looks away from his laptop to see which one will grace him today. “Um, Hiya Cas, I was sort of expecting you or you know Dean and Sam maybe. I guess you are here for that information on the child uh?” He receives a nod and then he hands over his newest work to the angel. Another flutter of wings and he knows he is alone again. “Yeah your welcome, come by anytime,” Chuck mutters to no-one and continues on typing away.

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